Eat Before Bed to Build Muscle

eat before bed to build muscle

You may have spent much of your life being told not to eat too close to bedtime, but that’s to lose weight or prevent it from being put on – you need to eat before bed to build muscle.  It may be hard to retrain your body to do this, but it’s an important step […]

What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight?

best way to lose weight fast

Everyone has a vision of their best self.  Some can look at a billboard or a page in a magazine and see a slender, toned, good-looking man or woman and imagine that it’s approximately how they themselves look.  The truth hits hard when they step on the scales or catch a glimpse of their girth […]

Looking For Fast Weight Loss? Look No Further!

fast weight loss

We’ve all known or heard about people who lost loads of weight lightening quick.  Anyone who is overweight will tell you that it gets you thinking and it makes you hopeful.  Either that or it gets you unhappy and it makes you jealous.  But the fact is, anyone can lose weight very quickly. Fast weight […]

How Often Should You Strength Train to Build Muscle?

how often should you train

When you’re looking to build muscle, it’s important to pay attention to how often you strength strain.  While it was once conventional wisdom that you should exercise at the gym daily, we now know that isn’t true.  And that can actually hinder your efforts to build muscle. What happens when you exercise too often?  If […]

Five Strategies to Build Muscle Fast

five strategies to build muscle fast

If you want to build muscle fast, it’s important to follow strategies that support your muscle growth.  Exercise is important, but it’s not the only important factor.  It’s important to make sure your lifestyle supports muscle building. Strategy 1 – Add calories to your diet Many people begin adding protein to their diets when they’re […]

Build Muscle and Strength to Improve Your Health

build muscle and strength

While many people focus on the way their body looks, you may not know that when you build muscle and strength, you also improve your health a great deal.  You may associate cardio workouts with good heart health and disease prevention, but strength training is also important. When you build muscle, you actually increase your […]

Using Games to Help Kids Build Muscle

kids build muscle

Kids in the age of technology often have a tough time getting healthy, but games can help kids to build muscle and have fun at the same time.  There are many different types of games that will help kids to build muscle and this can lead to them becoming healthier adults. You don’t have to […]

The 5 Best Supplements for Runners

best supplements for runners

Every form of activity or exercise places a different kind of demand on the body.  It is called on in various ways to perform the specific task of that activity.  Supplements can be beneficial, especially when they take into account exactly what is happening in the body, and address some of those needs. Running requires […]

The Best Diet for Women to Build Muscle

besg muscle diet for women

As a woman, you may wonder about the best diet for women to build muscle.  Much of the body building information you find is related to men.  But do men and women need to eat different things in order to build muscle? Women and men have very different hormones that cause their body shapes to […]

The Best Diet for Men to Build Muscle

best muscle diet for men

When it comes to nutritional needs, the best diet for men to build muscle includes a balance of complex carbohydrates and proteins.  It might surprise you to know that the diet for men to build muscle is really not all that different from the diet for women. Where you’ll see the biggest difference for the […]