A History of Exercise Equipment

For millennia, people didn’t give exercise much thought; daily living required it of them. They couldn’t live without hunting animals, ploughing the fields, building shelter, making their clothing and food and all the other things that made life possible. Exercise and Physical Activity Through History Most of early man’s subsistence was in harsh physical environments […]

How To Choose A Punching Bag

Things To Think About When Buying Heavy Punching Bags For those who wish to study the martial arts, there are a wide range of options in a field that is ancient and respected across the planet. Whether one wishes to study the sweet science of all American boxing, dedicated self defense practices such as krav […]

A Guide to Buying Boxing Sparring Headgear

If you want to start sparring in boxing, then you will need a good set of head gear to protect yourself. Head gear stops you from getting cuts, protects your ears, and protects your nose. It can help to stop a lot of the damage that repeated impacts to the face can do, by absorbing […]

Handwraps: How To Choose?

A Guide To Wrapping Hands In Boxing In boxing, many newcomers wonder what the point of handwraps are in a field where cushioned gloves are the norm. The reason is that a good handwrap, semi-elastic ones at least, are capable of bracing together the small bones and joints inside the hand and holding them together, […]

Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves: A Beginner’s How To Guide

Wikipedia defines boxing as a combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring.  Fighting with fists is one of the most basic means humans have of competing with one another. Today, modern boxers wear boxing gloves. Why is this? […]